23-26 July 2015

Baksı Museum, Bayburt, Turkey

Organizing partners:
ICOM Europe
ICR – International Committee for Regional Museums
ICOM South East Europe Regional Alliance
ICOM Turkey, ICOM Azerbaijan, ICOM Greece, ICOM Croatia
European Museum Forum
Baksi Museum

Under the auspices of the Council of Europe

The workshop will interactively explore the importance of seeing the museum as a unique valuable asset for development.  The sessions will focus on the following subthemes:

1. Connections museums may establish between living culture and the region
2. Museum context, tangible, and intangible cultural assets
3. Transformation of the local potential to production
4. Museums, production and employment, national and international markets

The lectures and presentations are expected to offer conclusions that will be published and presented at the ICOM General Conference in Milan 2016. The conclusions will try to map quality indicators that will show decision makers the indirect and direct impact of the museum in the community.  In line with the museum’s mission, vision and core values, those  benefit indicators that can help museums prove their relevance to authorities at the same time stressing the intrinsic values of museums and their institutional contribution – from educational to social.
The workshop aim is to present  “museum success stories” and encourage positive spirit and value of museums in new social circumstances.